Our Precast Concrete Structure Carousel(Production Line) helps our clients realize diversified production, lower investment risks, save land, reduce expenditure, increase production capacity, and accelerate return on investment. We can provide tailored solutions of prefabricated building components equipment to clients. With high processing precision and high intelligence, this carousel is warmly welcomed by our trusted clients.

By introducing advanced European technology, HICORP GROUP has researched and developed a PMS system for this PC structure carousel with our own intellectual property right. The system has production preparation function, including daily planning and structure design. Production management function includes PMS main interface, circulation management, cleaning device management, marker management, oil sprayer management, distributor management, screeding system management, pre-curing chamber management, vertical curing chamber management, stacking management, tilting device management, formulation management, etc. Production statistics includes functions like information query, production capacity calculation and working pace statistics. System management function includes role management, user management, authority management, system log, data backup, etc.

Adapting to the actual situation of your factory site, the PC structure carousel of Qingdao Hicorp Group has a variety of organizational modes, such as annular line, flexible line, nomadic line, fixed pedestal line and reconfigurable pedestal long-line.

System Descriptions:

Central Control System

♦ Intelligent Management, Real-time Control, Overall Guarantee

The central control system is the core of PC carousel. Its control network is based on Industrial Ethernet. Its integration of PMS (production management system) , ERP system, mixing station control system and full-line monitoring system, makes it the core of the factory’s realization of industrial automation, intelligence and informationization. The system can realize a life cycle management of order, production, warehousing, transportation, installation and maintenance of PC structure components.

Plateform Circulatory System

♦ Oversized Plateform, Tolerance in Millimeter, Longer Service Life

The plateform circulation system includes plateforms, plateform traverse moving vehicle, guide wheels, and drive wheels. The size of the plateforms can be customized. The surface polishing is optional. A surface roughness of Rz25μm for the plateforms could be reached . The structure adopts finite element analysis. The plateform traverse moving vehicle perfectly matches the carousel operation and automatically changes its rail.

Pre-treatment System

♦ Fully Automatic Operation and Control

The pre-treatment system includes several major devices such as the cleaning device, the release agent sprayer. The cleaning device performs thorough cleaning with one shovel and two rolls. The release agent sprayer adopts atomized spraying which ensures even and no-corner-left spraying with good effect.

Casting System

♦ Professional, Flexible and All-around Coverage

The casting system includes mixing station, concrete conveyor, distributor, vibration table, vibration leveling device and polisher. The concrete conveyor connects the mixing station and the carousel continuously with fully automated operation. The modes of distributor can be customized. The vibration system vibrates evenly with adjustable strength.

Curing System

♦ Safe and Intelligent Thermostat Control and Self-regulation

The curing system includes pre-curing chamber, vertical curing chamber and stacker. The pre-curing chamber adopts lifting opening and closing, admitting entering and exiting of plateforms by auto-induction with high efficiency and energy-saving. The vertical curing chamber is designed with overlapping multi-layer to meet the needs of mass production. The stacker has the function of fully automatic storage and release of plateforms.

Demoulding System

♦ Safe and Reliable Side Vertical Demoulding

The main equipment in the demoulding system is the tilting demoulding device. With its specially designed front claw and hydraulic jacking mechanism, safe and reliable operation is guaranteed. The lifting efficiency is also greatly improved.

Post time: Sep-30-2020