Focus, Innovation, Breakthrough – Qingdao Hicorp Group’s 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference, i.e. 2024 New Year’s Spring Art Performance, were successfully held

With the auspicious arrival of the Golden Dragon, everything is renewed. In the past year, the people of Hicorp Group have steadily advanced on the path of “Focusing on customers, leading the industry by innovation.” They have shown tenacious spirit and boundless creativity, actively forging ahead. With unity and determination, they have never been satisfied, steadfastly believing in and striving for “Earning the world’s respect for Chinese manufacturing.” On February 5th, the Qingdao Hicorp Group’s 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference, as well as the 2024 New Year’s Spring Art Performance, were grandly held in the multi-function hall of the Group’s headquarters. The Chairman of the Group, Guan Yangchun, attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference was presided over by Sun Xu, the General Manager of the Group, with the participation of senior executives, middle-level cadres, representatives of outstanding individuals and collectives who received commendations, and employee representatives, all gathering together to celebrate this event.

A pioneer sparks a spirit, while a group of pioneers gather tremendous strength. At the conference, commendations were given to the “Group Model,” “Advanced Workers,” “Lean Workshop,” “Excellent Departments,” and “Outstanding Teams” of 2023. They are not only the backbone of Hicorp Group but also a strong force that inspires and motivates people within the group to strive and continue their efforts.

In his speech, Chairman Guan Yangchun first congratulated the outstanding individuals and collectives who received commendations for the year 2023. The Chairman pointed out that the past year was another fruitful year for Hicorp Group as it achieved its best historical results once again. The key production and operating indicators of each subsidiary company reached new heights. This is the result of the collective efforts of all Hicorp Group employees and represents the best honor for each and every one of them.

Based on the strategic positioning of “Focus, Innovation, Breakthrough,” the Chairman, combining the analysis of the operating data of each subsidiary company, made plans and deployments for the future development direction of various industrial sectors of the group. He also made specific requirements for the transformation of strategic positioning into concrete work: Focus means focusing on core businesses, products, and customer experience; Focus means addressing major issues, the main contradictions within those issues, and using innovative means to solve problems, ultimately achieving breakthroughs in their respective fields. The Chairman emphasized that we have now entered the era of engineers, and the culture advocated by Hicorp Group, “Respect Technology, Advocate Innovation,” aligns with the current trend of industry development. Innovation is not limited to product and service innovation but also includes operational innovations in functional departments. By continuously improving and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness through innovation, breakthroughs can be achieved in various sectors. Breakthroughs are not about minor changes and reforms, but about qualitative changes, changes in genes, leaps in levels, and leading the industry’s development by venturing into “unexplored territories.” In the increasingly fierce market competition, the Chairman made a request to all management staff, reminding them to always remember the principle of “Only the wary can survive” and truly understand the difference between seeing risks and experiencing risks. Facing the future, it is necessary to maintain a constant sense of crisis and vigilance, and take preventive measures in advance. In 2024, we will focus on our strategic positioning, accurately position future innovative paths through focus, promote business and technological breakthroughs through innovation, continue to cultivate and refine key areas, steadily advance, and strive for high-quality development, looking forward to achieving new heights.

Finally, the Chairman extended his best wishes to all Hicorp employees and their families, wishing them good health, happiness, and all the best in the Year of the Dragon. He also wished for the prosperity of Hicorp Group’s business, believing that tomorrow will be even better!

Hicorp Group is not only a platform for striving individuals but also a stage for “artists.” After the commendation ceremony, the 2024 New Year’s Spring Art Performance kicked off with great splendor. The opening dance of “Prosperous Dragon Soaring” was magnificent, the humorous and witty cross talk had both laughter and profound meaning, the heartwarming and touching stage play “Promise” portrayed the hardships and dedication of the after-sales team’s year-round efforts, and there were also delightful and beautiful dances full of youth and charm… The performances were diverse and presented an exquisite “cultural extravaganza,” accompanying all Hicorp employees with full confidence as they welcomed the Year of the Dragon.

With the wind blowing favorably on a journey of thousands of miles, and the weight of the past year’s achievements, Hicorp Group embarks on a new journey in 2024. With the principles of Focus, Innovation, and Breakthrough at the forefront, the group aims to consolidate its core businesses, drive innovation in all aspects, and achieve significant breakthroughs within the industry. By nurturing and supporting outstanding individuals, collectives, and departments, Hicorp Group recognizes the contributions and inspires its employees to continue their dedication.

Post time: Feb-05-2024