“Embarking on a Journey through Langya” – The Successful Completion of the 2023 New Star Training Camp Expansion Activity

As autumn reaches its peak, the clear beauty of mountains and waters comes into view. On the morning of November 11th, Qingdao Hicorp Group’s office organized the “Embarking on a Journey through Langya” expansion activity for the participants of the 2023 New Star Training Camp. They enjoyed the famous scenic spots and historical culture of Langya, experiencing the charm of Langya Terrace. Chen Xiuyan, the Chairman of the Group’s Labor Union and Vice General Manager, participated in the activity.

A light drizzle falls gently, like threads. At eight o’clock in the morning, the new star participants gathered at the south gate of the group headquarters, where Vice General Manager Chen delivered an inspirational speech. Based on the organization of this activity, she encouraged everyone to face difficulties and accept challenges in their work. Only by continuously surpassing themselves can they achieve their desired goals. She hoped that all participants would show the spirit of “Hicorp‘s New Stars” and advance courageously in both the activity and their work.

As they entered the Langya Terrace Scenic Area, the first sight that greeted them was a group of Qin and Han-style buildingsthe Langya Terrace Cultural Exhibition Hallharmoniously situated along the mountainside, with distinct layers. Walking along the path towards Xufu Hall, passing through the dark green corridor formed by chestnut tree branches, they arrived at Xufu Hall, an ancient and elegant structure made of green bricks and tiles, nestled among the trees. Leaving Xufu Hall, they ascended the steps of the Cloud Staircase, looking up at the top of the terrace. The grand and majestic imperial road showcased the sweeping and dominant style of the Qin Dynasty, leaving everyone in awe and broadening their horizons.

Although the weather was slightly cool, everyone’s enthusiasm remained high, and their spirits were uplifted. Along the way, they encouraged each other, took photos, and listened to the profound history of Langya while witnessing the grandeur of the azure sea.

The purpose of this expansion activity was to strengthen the team discipline, efficient execution, and collective cohesion of the new star participants. With their youthful energy and unity, the “Hicorp‘s New Stars” injected new vitality into the development of Hicorp Group, actively contributing to its efficient growth, and working together towards common goals.


Post time: Nov-12-2023